Alan Potter Beyond Waste MD stepped up taking on the task of analysing the datasets and presented a dossier to the Committee which found that c 700,000 tonnes of hazardous waste was missing from the official figures being bandied around. He also called for Wrongdoers to face a genuine fear of being caught if they were deliberately breaching the Duty of Care regulations .

What the Committee said…

Mr Alan Potter, of the consultancy Beyond Waste, analysed all the available information in an attempt to reconcile the figures and identify the indicative shortfall. This is … the most comprehensive assessment of the subject we received... ..We request that the Government, in its response to this report, produce its own assessment of the data which Beyond Waste has compiled, making clear whether it accepts these figures and, if so, what action it plans to take.

Inquiry into Waste Policy & the Landfill Directive 2004-2005