Beyond Waste is a dynamic company created in order to make an active contribution to the global transition from a waste economy to a resource economy. We are committed to treading as lightly on the earth as we can, and encourage our clients to do the same wherever possible. We do this through the specialist advice we give our clients, as well as through our own business practices, in accordance with our sustainability policy. Beyond Waste is accredited to Blue Standard for the STEM system of in-business environmental management and is working towards Silver Standard.

Look at the bigger picture. We live on a beautiful planet and we all have a responsibility in its protection and enhancement. One of the critical issues facing our society is how we husband our planet's resources and the legacy we leave our children. We need to establish systems that make the most of the limited resources we have - whether they be the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the materials extracted to create the multitude of products we use. As a start, our approach to waste needs to change and Beyond Waste is here to help that change happen.


Beyond Waste as a niche consultancy has a small but measurable impact in its business activities. We are committed to 'treading as lightly' on the earth as we can and encourage our business partners to do the same wherever possible.

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