We apply our research methods to most issues and often find our clients commission us to research specific areas where they may simply be too busy to find out, may not know where to look, or just want a second opinion and independent perspective.

Often the key to putting research into practice can be presenting the findings in easily communicable ways. Information in this field can be complex and hard to understand so we focus on presentation of information through different media.

  • Horizon scanning via market reconnaissance and regulatory surveillance.

    The client

    Regional body developing hazardous waste strategy.

    The job

    Research and produce baseline study with projections of need.


    Report used a key part of regional plan evidence base on hazardous waste.

    What the client said

    "Many thanks for the report. It looks very good and is what I wanted." — David Payne, Regional Planner, South East England Regional Assembly

  • Service scrutiny via 'hands on' research, observation and feedback.

    The client

    Local Authority getting high % rejects of kerbside recycling at MRF.

    The job

    Develop and implement research methodology to observe and gauge crew practice and understanding.


    Report to client with recommendations for education and monitoring of crews and householders.

    What the client said

    "The report was well received - it accomplished just what we thought it would and gives us insight in to factors that we were not aware of. Your work is excellent and I will let others within my circle in Kent know that." — Charles Nouhan, Recycling Manager, Sevenoaks District Council, Vice-Chair, Kent Waste Minimisation & Recycling

  • Market assessment via data analysis, capacity review and opportunity window.

    The client

    Market development body seeking to scope out potential for diversion of bulky waste.

    The job

    In depth research of quantities, diversion opportunities and capacity gaps.


    Substantial opportunity identified and diversion trials implemented.

  • Feasibility studies via concept testing and evaluation.

    The client

    A third sector body secured funding to trial food waste collection from local businesses.

    The job

    Evaluate existing scheme and expansion potential. Assess market willingness to pay.


    Report to funder identifying limitations and opportunities associated with service expansion.


  • We chose the right specialist consultancy to do the job.

    - John Lewis Partnership

  • You've done a terrific job.

    - Another satisfied client.

  • Many thanks for your continued support... You have achieved far more in a few months than we achieved in two years.

    - NetRegs development project manager, Enivronment Agency

  • You've achieved more in 3 months than we achieved in 3 years!

    - A satisfied client

  • Absolutely professional - I can see we are in good hands.

    - Pathway to Zero Waste

  • This is a phenomenally important piece of work.

    - Professor Pat Harvey

  • Your input on this has been very much appreciated, and thanks once again for keeping me up to speed throughout the process.

    - Principal Minerals and Waste Planning Officer, West Berkshire Council

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