Beyond Waste as a small consultancy has a small but measurable impact in its business activities. We are committed to 'treading as lightly' on the earth as we can and encourage our business partners to do the same wherever possible.

We do this through the specialist advice we give our clients as well as through our own business practices.

We recognise that to be sustainable we must embrace the environmental, social and economic dimensions of our business. Our current review has focussed on our waste and material resource use and we have made 15 commitments to improve our performance.

We are committed to reviewing our use of other resources such as energy, and will calculate carbon emissions associated with our business with a view to being carbon neutral by 2014.

Socially, we recognise that achievement of a positive work/life balance is essential, as is the need to feel valued and to be achieving personal goals. We will develop a mentoring and training policy and working hour policy to explore this. We also believe in tithing and seeding by donation through giving our time freely and contributing funds to causes whose ethics are aligned with our own. We will develop a policy that promotes this.

Economically, we aspire to be profitable by producing quality work for clients who share our goals and understand the value of the work we do. We conduct the company's financial affairs in a fair, open, honest way. We are committed to behaving ethically and remain watchful for any potential conflict of interests. We will settle our tax bills promptly and in doing so are mindful that payment of our fair share of taxes is an important way of contributing to society as a whole.

Our suppliers

We seek to use the services of local suppliers to promote and maintain the development of a sustainable local economy and thereby reducing global impacts. We also recognise that a critical issue for small business is that of late payment and undertake to settle accounts with our suppliers within 30 days of completion of works to the required standard.

We seek to influence all with whom we have a relationship to promote sustainable and ethical practices and approaches.


  • You've done a terrific job.

    - Another satisfied client.

  • Many thanks for your continued support... You have achieved far more in a few months than we achieved in two years.

    - NetRegs development project manager, Enivronment Agency

  • This is a phenomenally important piece of work.

    - Professor Pat Harvey

  • You've achieved more in 3 months than we achieved in 3 years!

    - A satisfied client

  • Absolutely professional - I can see we are in good hands.

    - Pathway to Zero Waste

  • We chose the right specialist consultancy to do the job.

    - John Lewis Partnership

  • Your input on this has been very much appreciated, and thanks once again for keeping me up to speed throughout the process.

    - Principal Minerals and Waste Planning Officer, West Berkshire Council

Beyond Waste

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