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Beyond Waste was founded as a networking organisation, bringing together the best experts working in the field of waste and resource management for the benefits of our clients. We call upon the services of a diverse range of professionals according to the size and nature of our work.

Beyond Waste is committed to producing work that makes a real difference for our clients and can help our clients make a real difference.


Beyond Waste is a dynamic company created in order to make an active contribution to the global transition from a waste economy to a resource economy. We are committed to treading as lightly on the earth as we can, and encourage our clients to do the same wherever possible. We do this through the specialist advice we give our clients, as well as through our own business practices, in accordance with our sustainability policy. Beyond Waste is accredited to Blue Standard for the STEM system of in-business environmental management and is working towards Silver Standard.

Look at the bigger picture. We live on a beautiful planet and we all have a responsibility in its protection and enhancement. One of the critical issues facing our society is how we husband our planet's resources and the legacy we leave our children. We need to establish systems that make the most of the limited resources we have - whether they be the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the materials extracted to create the multitude of products we use. As a start, our approach to waste needs to change and Beyond Waste is here to help that change happen.

Alan Potter FCIWM, CEnv, IEMA (Qualified Auditor) UKELA P2P


Alan is a Chartered Waste Manager with over 30 years experience in the field of waste and environmental management. He has specialist experience in environmental permitting , regulatory negotiation on compliance and enforcement matters plus the preparation of many successful applications for planning permission for waste management facilities.

Alan also has extensive experience of appearing at public examinations and acting as expert witness at planning and permitting appeal inquiries. 

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Shane Tasker LCIWM, AIEMA, IEMA (Qualified Auditor)

Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Management System Specialist

Shane provides specialist compliance support to Beyond Waste's clients principally on Environmental Management Systems for permitting and compliance auditing. This is built on his professional experience of waste management and his in depth knowledge of evolving regulatory guidance and overarching legislation.

Shane is an IEMA qualified auditor (AEA), and member of the Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM) and Institute for Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA). Shane holds a COTC for (Non-Hazardous Transfer and Treatment and Hazardous Waste and provides ongoing compliance support to clients by visiting site regularly and providing Technically Competent Management cover.

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Michelle Dixon BSc PgD PIEMA

Michelle is a Registered IEMA Environmental Auditor and Environmental Management Systems Auditor with approaching 15 years experience in Waste and Resource Management and Sustainability. She has worked in a range of roles with over 40 Higher Education Institutions and Sector Bodies, Facilities Management Companies, Waste Management Companies, Local Authorities and SME’s.

Michelle has particular expertise in formulating Waste and Resource Management Strategies and devising Waste Management Contracts that achieve high performance for various complex organisations including the university of Gloucester. This involves the compilation and analysis of data to identify management trends, requirements for waste management facilities and to establish appropriate targets to improve waste management according to the waste hierarchy.

Michelle applies her knowledge to Beyond Waste projects focussing on the production of Waste Needs Assessments that underpin production of Local Authority Waste Plans. This requires mastery of datasets such as the EA Waste Data Interrogator, Hazardous Waste Interrogator and Pollution Inventory.

Matt Todd BSc, ATH

Matt has 15 years experience in waste research, with an specialism in waste from the hospitality sector.  He authored the groundbreaking publication Waste Counts which was the first 'hands on' assessment of waste arisings from the sector involving in depth audits. He has extensive experience in running applied research projects and most recently set up and managed a commercial food waste recycling trial in Oxfordshire.

Matt has worked as a lecturer at the School of Hospitality at Oxford Brookes University and is a respected commentator in the field. He has extensive industry contacts as a result.

Tony Davis BSc PhD FRSH

A professional with extensive and varied experience in the application of Environment, Health, Safety and Risk Management Techniques across diverse aspects of industry. He is experienced and skilled in regulatory negotiation and imparting the importance of compliance on staff working at the coal face.

Tony provides Beyond Waste with technical process support and being located in the principality of Wales ensures that we are fully aware of developments that may affect our client base.


  • Your input on this has been very much appreciated, and thanks once again for keeping me up to speed throughout the process.

    - Principal Minerals and Waste Planning Officer, West Berkshire Council

  • This is a phenomenally important piece of work.

    - Professor Pat Harvey

  • Absolutely professional - I can see we are in good hands.

    - Pathway to Zero Waste

  • Many thanks for your continued support... You have achieved far more in a few months than we achieved in two years.

    - NetRegs development project manager, Enivronment Agency

  • You've achieved more in 3 months than we achieved in 3 years!

    - A satisfied client

  • You've done a terrific job.

    - Another satisfied client.

  • We chose the right specialist consultancy to do the job.

    - John Lewis Partnership

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